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Our job is not to predict the future; it’s to see the present clearly. Gain unbiased insight into the macro forces shaping the investment landscape. Discover investing ideas and advance your thinking in truly novel ways.


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Our pre-pandemic gatherings were intimate and rich. Our online events have their own magic. We uncover the best ideas from our community of hedge fund CIOs and portfolio managers across the globe.


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Surround yourself with peers from around the world you can count on. We talk, exchange, learn, and lean on each other in our members-only Slack group. Test your opinion, take some advice, or just lurk. No trolls; we promise.


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Two heads are better than one. Let Jawad be your thinking partner. Air your ideas, play out scenarios, and throw some refreshing water on those burning questions. You set the agenda. Each call is a chance to reset and rebalance.

Your clever new community awaits.

Access unique insights, attend exclusive events, expand your network, and invest wisely.

Access unique insights, attend exclusive events, expand your network, and invest wisely.

Current Issue


The Bear Patrol

A market can, and typically does, cease being a bull market long before the index starts to fall. Time to get ready.


Exploring the Most Perplexing Question

A 1.5 percent yield on the 10-year Treasury in a time of rapidly accelerating inflation. Is there anything more perplexing?


The Inflation Curse

Contrary to popular belief, inflation will not be a defining issue for the coming year. The Fed won’t hike interest rates.



When people shower praise on you, they are unwittingly pouring poison into your soul.


Common Prosperity or Common Poverty?

At a time when tremors in China are rippling through world, understanding the content of Xi’s new scripture—Common Prosperity—takes on urgency.